Your Cover Letter – How Important is It?

July 17, 2018

In an age where so much of the job application process is done online, with bots reading resumes to determine your appeal to an organization, the idea of writing a cover letter may appear to be wasted effort. In fact, some people feel it is a complete waste of time. However, cover letters remain a key component in the hiring process for many employers and should not be treated as afterthoughts.

In fact, a Robert Half survey revealed that 90 percent of executives believe cover letters are valuable tools for assessing candidates. In fact, many would say that cover letters are more important today because so much recruiting is done digitally.

Why are Cover Letters Important?

Your resume is essentially a list of your skills and accomplishments in the workplace. While they can identify candidates who have the skills to do certain jobs, cover letters introduce you as an individual. They are your first impression and they may earn your resume a second look even if the computer dismissed you as a possible candidate.

Of course, you have to make your cover letter work for you to get maximum benefit from writing one. These tips will help you write a cover letter that delivers results for your job search effort.

  • Let your personality show. Your resume is all facts no character. Your cover letter is your opportunity to win employers over with your personality.
  • Highlight specific skills you want to draw attention to. Especially if those skills are a good match for the company you’re interested in working for.
  • Let the employer know you’ve done your homework by tailoring your cover letter to include value you will add to the company if they choose to hire you.
  • Make them feel like they are the only employer you want to work for. Be enthusiastic about the opportunity and what you have to offer them.

Whatever you do, don’t dismiss or overlook the importance of a well-written cover letter for your job search efforts.