Where To Find Training When Your Orientation Falls Short

May 16, 2022

Most employers welcome their new workers with a comprehensive orientation session followed by some additional training. However, your employer may not offer you that. These are some things you can do if you need to get some extra training under your belt and your employer fails to accommodate you:

Do Online Research

Your job may involve tasks you can research online easily. If so, you can search the world wide web and try to figure out the procedure that way. Your company's process may vary slightly, but at least you won't be completely blindsided.

Find the Company's Training Modules

You may also get lucky and find helpful information on your workplace intranet. The organization might have some procedural files you can read or even some videos. You're supposed to watch videos before starting specific jobs, but you can still gain access to a few of them after your work shift and before you clock out.

Try To Watch Other Workers if You Can

Keep an eye on one of the senior workers and try to record what they're doing if you can. It might be difficult if your team isn't interested in helping you, but it could work. Ensure that you do a little research before teaming up with a trainer.

It's always good to read the information presented by the company so that you'll know the trainer is instructing you correctly. Most trainers offer genuine assistance, even when they don't feel like training. However, you should protect yourself in case you come across one who's a little on the shifty side.

Now you know how you can catch up if your employer falls short of training you. Give yourself a little time, provided that your work environment is acceptable. You'll shine in your position there if it's meant to be.