Tips for Dealing With Upper-Management Anxiety

August 8, 2022

You're not alone if you get a little edgy when you think about being around upper management. Many people experience feelings of anxiety and uncomfortableness when they hear that the "big boss" is coming. It happens for an array of reasons, but these are some steps you can take if you find yourself having the issue:

Remember That Your Boss Is a Human Being

Many people view their bosses as authority figures instead of red-blooded human beings, which causes nervousness and anxiety. Therefore, you must try to change the way you view your boss. He or she is a person just like you. That means your boss's boss eats, drinks, sleeps, and does everything else the same way you do. This person was also a new employee and had to go through the same adjustment period you did.

Try Talking To Him or Her

You can try having a quick conversation with the boss's boss when you find the time. Sometimes, initiating a normal everyday conversation can help you break the ice with that person. You might find a minute where the two of you can chuckle about something. Perhaps your boss will tell you about when they first started their position and how their journey to upper management progressed. You might be surprised to learn that this person is willing to carry on a comfortable conversation with you.

Be Completely Honest With Your Boss

Another way to get more comfortable with interacting with your boss's boss is to be honest about your awkwardness or nervousness. Let him or her know that you feel a bit nervous. That might open up the floor for a conversation, as the boss will probably ask you why you feel that way. Once you see that upper management people are merely human beings, you'll become more comfortable when dealing with them.

Use some of the quick tips above to overcome your upper-management jitters. Remember that you are not the only person who feels that way, but you can be someone who grows out of it.