Three Causes for Immediate Termination

May 17, 2021

Every business has an outline of employee offenses for which it will take disciplinary action. Some of those offenses are severe enough to cause the employer to terminate an employee on the spot. These are three examples of offenses that may warrant an immediate termination:

Intoxication in the Workplace

One offense that is likely to get a worker terminated right away is workplace intoxication. Intoxication can be alcohol or drug-related. Most workplaces have anti-drug policies in place, as coming to work intoxicated can cause dangers to workers and customers. In some cases, employees will not be allowed to work if they are under the influence of prescription medication. Such workers should notify the employer that they need to take medicine so that the employer can accommodate them.

Violence in the Workplace

Almost all employers have anti-violence policies and will terminate an employee right away for partaking in a violent act. Violence does not have to be physical violence, such as pushing or shoving a customer or co-worker. The policy may also include yelling at someone or directly threatening that person's harm.


Dishonesty is frowned upon in most workplaces, as well. Stealing, manipulating cash registers, or otherwise being dishonest may cause a worker to receive an immediate termination. For example, an employee may lose a job right away for issuing a discount to someone who does not qualify for one. That worker may have been trying to be nice to a customer, but he or she was dishonest to the company at the same time. At the end of the day, employers have to protect their assets.

You can find information on these immediate termination offenses in your employee handbook. You may ask your immediate supervisors for a copy of it if you did not receive one during your orientation event.