Looking for Work After Retirement

September 23, 2019

Retirement certainly does not mean what it has in the past. Gone are the days when retirees could quit their job, put up their feet and do nothing the rest of their days. There may be a few individuals who have accomplished this, but it is certainly not the norm anymore. Today, retiring usually means you are no longer working full time.

Many people find that after retirement they either need to supplement their income, or they simply want to do have something to do every day, so why not make some money while you are at it? Most people who have already retired from their regular jobs are looking for low stress, part-time work. Because the workforce is becoming more flexible today, there are lots of great opportunities that provide this type of work. 


House sitting or pet sitting are both great ways to earn extra income without joining back up with the rat race. People often consider their pets to be part of their family and are willing to pay well in order to have quality care for them. While traveling, people often do not want to leave their homes unattended and will hire to have someone sit and keep an eye on things. 

Resort Work

If your idea of retirement involves sunny beaches and resorts, why not consider moving to a resort area and working part-time there? Often employees get great discounts and resort benefits which you can enjoy during your time off. 


If you want to continue to use your skill set on your own terms, then consider freelancing. Many companies today actually prefer to work with independent contractors. This type of work allows you to keep earning, control your own time and stay sharp. 

Retirement maybe very different today from what it was decades ago, but these can still be some of the best years of your life. A little creativity and planning can ensure a productive and successful retirement season for you.