How to Pick the Right Job for You

September 30, 2020

You may go through phases of your job search in which you are sure that if anyone offered you any job you would take it no questions asked. However, you may also find yourself in a phase of your job search in which you have multiple jobs to choose from and you will be faced with the tough decision of which job to turn down. This is certainly a good problem to have, but it can still be difficult. Keep reading to learn about how to pick the right job for you.

What Can You Live With?

When you are presented with several job offers at once, it will become necessary to carefully consider the different stress levels each job will entail. Although some jobs may offer more money or even a better position, it is important to consider if the money is worth the stress. How valuable is your downtime to you? Will this job require working after hours? Is this a high stress, highly competitive role in which you will constantly feel that you must prove yourself and protect your position? Are you willing to do that day in and day out? These are important questions to ask yourself before taking a job.

Are You Just Settling?

Often during a job search, we can start to feel desperate and are willing to give up things that are very important to us just so that we can be done with the job search. Even if you have not received multiple job offers, there is a good chance that a single job offer is still not the right one for you. It is likely that you will apply to some companies which you did not thoroughly think through. Once you have received a job offer it is important to give the company a much more thorough evaluation to make sure they are a good match for you.

Finding the best job for you could involve turning down a few jobs, to begin with. Don't be too scared of turning down a job. If it is not a good fit you will be glad later on that you did not settle.