Can You Be In-Demand and Safe at Home?

November 22, 2020

If you are like most people you may have started to think that only front line, essential workers can experience an in-demand job market in 2020. The truth is, there are plenty of in-demand jobs right now that can actually be worked from home. LinkedIn recently published an updated list of in-demand jobs right now. Several occupations which can be worked remotely made the list. Keep reading if you are looking to be in demand and safe at home.

Customer Service Reps

Customer service work has been making a move to remote positions for a few years now, but with the pandemic as an added motivator, this is almost an entirely remote occupation now. Customer service positions can usually be snagged with little prior experience with most companies providing training. The different types of companies looking for customer service reps are endless. In most cases, these types of positions require a quiet workspace, a fast internet connection, and a high-quality phone connection.

Software Developers

As more and more companies are beefing up their online presence, software developers are in high demand. Software developers keep the cyber world turning. The added bonus is that you can often work from the safety of your home. Software developers often have a degree in computer science.

Tax Specialists

Tax specialists is another job, which according to LinkedIn writer Gregory Lewis, is seeing tremendous job growth right now. Tax specialists assist people with filing their taxes properly. This profession can often be conducted from home. This is a huge bonus for people who are hoping to keep their contact to a minimum during the pandemic.

There are remote job options for in-demand professions hiring right now. This is a good starting place, but you can do your own research to pinpoint other opportunities as well.